Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Success Selling Locally

I recently asked a local bookstore to consider selling my book clips and book thongs in their store. They agreed to try some on consignment. I gave them 15 to start out with.

Within several weeks, they sold over a half dozen of them. This week they sent me a check for the remaining book clips and book thongs, since they are selling so well!

How exciting is that???

I also offer these items in our online store, Acorn Accessories. They make a great gift for a friend that likes to read! They do especially well in bookstores!

Fellow, crafters and artisans ~ don't forget to try selling you items locally!


Audrey said...

Those are amazing!! Love to read - will definitely check them out!
It's nice to find an outlet for your products close to home! Hopefully they can bring you a lot of business.


Awesome! I am going to order some those pretty choclate bars :).
Thank you both of you for helping me change my life. I am so much healthy now.
Thank you,