Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great Gift Ideas from Mary Moon Designs

Looking for some great hand-made gift ides?

Mary is a multi medium artist who loves to create and sell one of a kind, unique, colorful items. She makes bags, purses, wallets, cards, journals and much, much more!

She typically offers her items locally, but you can find her items online too!

Check out her wonderful items online at Etsy:

She has some really great unique, fun items!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

50 % Off Coupon for AC Moore

Go shopping at AC Moore on New Year's Day and get 50% off of any regular price item. Here is a coupon:

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Happy shopping!!!

New Year's Day Coupon for Michaels

Stock up on your craft supplies at Michaels on New Year's Day and save 20% on your entire purchase! Here is a coupon:

They are also offering 25%-70% off many items in the store, including 70% off yarn and 25% off ribbon.

Let's go shopping!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great gift idea!

Looking for a creative gift for someone who likes to read?

Include a decorative bookmark with a special book or a gift certificate to a favorite book store.

I have custom book clips (that can be custom ordered) that will conveniently save a page in a favorite book, while reminding your special someone of you.

Book clips slide onto the edge of a page, similar to a paper clip. Book thongs dangle from a soft corded bookmark that won't dent the pages of your book.

Both styles can be customized with any color beads that highlight special charms or words representing your special someone's interests. Inspirational words are very popular (love, live, believe, dance, dream, etc.) and, of course, first names always make a nice personalized gift.

For examples, visit my online store at

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flower Fairies

I would like to share a fun craft for kids that may very likely bring hours of entertainment if you are looking for something to do…

As I work away at my dining room table, making flower clips and other flower-related crafts, the table is covered with a variety of flowers ~ in every color, shape and size. The assortment is quite tempting to Ashley. She entertains herself quite nicely as she picks out just the right combinations for little flower fairies that she leaves all over the house.

I finally decided to help her permanently assemble the "flower combinations" that she was enjoying so much. I hope your children (or friends) get as much enjoyment from your flower fairies as Ashley has from hers.

You will need:

- Wood Bead

- Flesh colored pipe cleaner or chenille stick

- Sparkly leaves (Gold, silver or white) or white craft foam

- Craft Glue

Start by taking your flower and removing it from the stem, if your stem has leaves you can use these to form a hat or use the stem of the flower as we have.

If your bead does not have a face on it, then use permanent markers to place some dots for eyes and a little dot nose. Ashley likes to include a smile too.

Cut the chenille stick in half.

Take one half to form the legs by creating a V shape with a slight bend at the end for the feet. Take the bent end and glue it into the top and center of the flower using craft glue.

Take the other half of the chenille stick and bend it into another V shape. Bend in some hands and some elbows. Glue the bent end this piece into the bottom of the bead to form the neck and arms.

Now glue the top body piece (Head and Arm piece) onto the bottom of the flower as shown in the picture. A dd the stem to form a hat (or use leaves or other smaller flowers as we have).

Use two sparkly leaves to form wings and glue them to the back. Or you can use craft foam, packing foam or even felt. You can be pretty creative with material you use for the wings.

These fairies make great little get well gifts or friendship gifts. Ashley loves to play with hers and has a hard time parting with any of them.

To see a few more of our flower fairies, visit our online store at

Friday, November 28, 2008

What a Great Stocker Stuffer!

Brighten up your fridge with a touch of Christmas! These delightful flower magnets are a great gift idea! Send them along with those special Christmas pictures. Or simply keep them for your self!

To view other designs or more great stocking stuffer ideas, visit our Acorn Accessories online store.

Coupons & Promo Codes - Let's go Shopping!

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Following Your Passion

When you like what you do, you're happier and more successful.

One of the common themes in many good books lately is "following your passion" or "doing what you love to do". Our work should involve things that we really enjoy doing and are really good at ~ not simply a "job" we do to make a living. According to this thinking, not only will you feel better about yourself and provide more value to others, you’ll also end up making more money.

For me, personally, I had a good "job" that paid very well. I was living quite comfortably. But, I always felt like something was missing.

Then, along came my daughter and my life changed. All of a sudden money had less value and time became the most precious, most valuable thing in my life.

Shortly after she came into my life I decided that life goes by too fast. I am not going to look back on my life wishing I had slowed down long enough to enjoy some of the most wonderful years of my life. For the first time in my life, I decided that "following your passion" and "doing what you love to do" was more important than ever before.

So, here I am… following my passion. Spending my time doing the things I enjoy most ~ as I look for ways to make money along the way to pay the bills.

This blog is dedicated to one of the "passions" that I enjoy doing with my daughter, Ashley. We have a lot of fun coming up with new craft ideas and she gets very excited about working on them. We really hope you enjoy the information we have to share with you.